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The Paddocks - Trowbridge

Working for Stepnell Construction Ltd, a redelopement has been taking place to re-build the care home, after the demolishion of the old building, we are doing the groundworks for the new building along with the final finish paving once the building has been completed.


Locking School - Weston Super Mare

During the summer 2015, we refurbished Locking Schools carpark, which now means that the school and football club have a larger and off the main road car parking area.


Wembdon School - Bridgwater

Working for Kier construction, we assisted with the building of a new extension and car parking area


Steiner Academy -  Frome

Working for Kier Construction, we are providing the groundwork,  with the new build and aterations, the School will now have a new Hall, more classroom space and a landscaped outisde area including a pond.


Baytree School - Worle

Working for Chamberlain Contruction, we provided the groundworks for their new classroom extension.

St Lukes Campus Exeter

Working for Midas Construction we provided the groundworks for the new exentsion to the orignal building.

Even School Swindon

Working for Kier construction, we provided the groundworks for the new 3 linked extension to the school which has given the school a new Sports Hall and more classroom accomodation, we also prepared the ground for the new tennis courts and improved car parking area.

Bower Ashton Campus, Long Ashton Bristol.

Working for Kier Construction, to build a new extension for the Campus.

The Hankeys, Clifton College, Bristol

Working for Kitto Construction, after the original building was demolished, we dug down through the rock to form a new basement for the new building.  Once the building was completed we returned to put all the additional groundworks and paving into place.

Pictures show the initial stages.


greens_plant_the_hankeys_breaking_through_rock     greens_plant_the_hankeys_clifton



Midsomer Norton Primary School

Working for Midas Construction, contract was finished in January 2012, we have completed the Groundworks, Blockwork, Stonework and Retaining Walls to build the new School Extension to include a Sports Hall and Pre-School as well as an Amphitheatre and new level Playing Field and Car Park.  Pictures to follow shortly of the Amphitheatre and the new School Entrance.



greens_plant_hire_cleared_site_at_midsomer_norton_primary_school greens_plant_hire_clearing_site_at_midsomer_norton greens_plant_hire_concreting_floor_at_midsomer_norton_primary_school greens_plant_hire_completed_floor_at_midsomer_norton AMPHITHEATRE_AT_MSN AMPHITHEATRE_2_MSN SCHOOL_ENTRANCE_MSN greens_plant_hire_midsomer_norton_school_entrance_NTRANCE_2_MSN





Harbourside Bristol

Working for Cowlin Construction, we undertook the groundworks at Harbourside 6.  We assisted with the large planters and put in the shy fountain. The whole area was then brick paved.






Soft Strip works at The Forum Exeter.

Working for Midas construction we sent a team down to exeter and completed the soft strip works over 2 floors of the building, seperating the waste materials for recycling where possible.  Pictures show before and after.


greens_plant_hire_the_forum     greens_plant_hire_the_forum_exeter



Retail Pod - Emersons Green.

Working for Midas, we completed the groundworks for the new Subway Sandwich Shop.





Homewood Park.

Working for Midas, we completed the landscaping and groundworks in the grounds of the hotel.



Woolley Grange Hotel.

Working for Midas, we have helped to build the new spa and swimming pool.  After the buildings were finished, we returned to complete the car park.



greens_plant_hire_cloak_room_and_shower_room_drainage_woolley_grange_hotel    greens_plant_hire_main_foul_drain_to_road_woolley_grange_hotel    greens_plant_hire_storm_cell_drainage_woolley_grange_hotel



Cadets Centre Withywood.

Working for Cowlin Construction, we have complted the groundworks for the new building, car park and landscaping.



Doctors Surgery Wellington

Work commenmced here on a green site in Sept 2009, working for Kitto Construction, the job involved digging out a large water holding tank, placing in storm cells to create a slow release storm drainage system underneath the car park.  We have also constructed the roads and placed kerbs, and complted all other necessary drainage.


Images of the Wellington Site






Wells Nursing Home.

Images show the completed building with paving and car park works completed by Greens Plant.


Greens_Plant_Hire_works_at_Wells_Nursing_Home_Paved_areas     greens_plant_work_at_Wells_Nursing_Home_block_paved_car_park_areas



Crow Lane Henbury.

Working for Cowlin Construction, groundworks completed on this project.  Images show pathed path areas.




Greens_Plant_Hire_block_paving_works_at_Crow_Lane_Henbury_Bristol  greens_plant_hire_paving_at_crow_lane_henbury




Damien Hirst's Developement Stroud.

We worked on this prestigeous delvelopement in the commencement stage and put in a specialised underfloor heating systyem.


greens_13_ton_inside_factory_at_Damien_Hirst_developement  Insulation_tiles_being_laid